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APC - Temperature & humidity sensor1

APC - Temperature & humidity sensor
APC - Temperature & humidity sensor
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Manufacturer: APC

Product group:

Manuf.No.: AP9520TH

Art.No.: S1666850

black, for P/N: AR106SH4, AR106SH6, AR106V, AR106VI, AR109SH4, AR109SH6, AR112SH4, AR112SH6, AR3106SP

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Compatibility, fits ...


(Only for AP9551, SBP16KRMP4U)
(Only for ACAC40000, ACAC40001, ACF126, AR7301, AR7301W, AR7303, AR7305A, AR7313, AR7502, AR7505, AR7540, AR7540100, AR7580A, AR7581A, AR7582A, AR7600, AR7700, AR7706, AR7707, AR7709, AR7715, AR7719, AR8005, AR8008BLK, AR8016ABLK, AR8101BLK, AR8105BLK, AR8108BLK, AR8113A, AR8122BLK, AR8123BLK, AR8126ABLK, AR8127BLK, AR8128BLK, AR8136BLK, AR8186, AR8395, AR8425A, AR8426A, AR8427A, AR8428, AR8429, AR8442, AR8443A, AR8444, AR8457, AR8621, SYAOPT2, SYAOPT2XR3, SYAOPT2XR9)
(Only for AR8469, KVM-LCDMOUNT)
2x1x16 IP KVM with 17" Rack LCD (Only for KVM-BN001)
8 Port Multi-Platform Analog KVM (Only for AP5201)
APF8000 (Only for APF8000)
Automatic Transfer Switch (Only for AP7750A)
Basic Rack PDU (Only for AP6002A, AP6003A, AP6007A, AP6037A, AP6039A, AP6201CH, AP6221CH, AP7516, AP7526, AP7569, AP7583, AP7584, AP7585, AP7586, AP7599, AP9571A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6009A (Only for AP6009A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6015A (Only for AP6015A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6020A (Only for AP6020A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6031A (Only for AP6031A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6032A (Only for AP6032A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6038A (Only for AP6038A)
Basic Rack PDU AP6120A (Only for AP6120A)
Basic Rack PDU Zero U (Only for AP7532, AP7532J, AP7541, AP7553, AP7554, AP7555A, AP7557, AP7557NA, AP7567A, AP7568, AP7592, AP7598, AP9572)
Basic Rack-Mount PDU (Only for AP7530, AP7530J, AP7540, AP7551, AP7552, AP7562, AP7563, AP7564, AP7580, AP7581, AP7582, AP9559, AP9560, AP9562, AP9563, AP9564, AP9565, AP9566, AP9567, AP9568, AP9570)
Bolt Down Kit (Only for AR7701)
Cable Containment Brackets with PDU Mounting (Only for AR7710)
Cable Fall (Only for AR8654)
Cable Management (Only for AR8603A, AR8605)
Combination Lock Handle (Only for AR8132A)
Data Distribution 2U Panel (Only for AR8452)
Hardwire Kit (Only for AR8400)
Horizontal Cable Manager Single-Sided with Cover (Only for AR8600A, AR8602A, AR8606, AR8612)
In-Line Current Meter AP7152B (Only for AP7152B)
In-Line Current Meter AP7155B (Only for AP7155B)
In-Line Current Meter AP7175B (Only for AP7175B)
Isolation Transformer (Only for APTF10KW01, APTF20KW01)
KVM 2G Analog (Only for KVM0108A, KVM0116A)
KVM Console Extender (Only for AP5203)
KVM Switch (Only for AP5202)
KVM1116R (Only for KVM1116R)
LCD Console (Only for AP5717, AP5717CH, AP5717F, AP5717G, AP5717R, AP5717UK, AP5719, AP5808, AP5816)
M6 Hardware Kit (Only for AR8100)
Measure-UPS Switch Kit (Only for AP9513)
Metered Rack PDU (Only for AP7862, AP8841, AP8858, AP8858NA3, AP8861, AP8865, AP8866, AP8867, AP8868, AP8881, AP8886, AP8887, AP8888)
Metered Rack PDU 2G (Only for AP8831, AP8833J, AP8862, AP8863)
Metered Rack PDU AP7800B (Only for AP7800B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7801B (Only for AP7801B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7802B (Only for AP7802B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7802BJ (Only for AP7802BJ)
Metered Rack PDU AP7811B (Only for AP7811B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7820B (Only for AP7820B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7821B (Only for AP7821B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7822B (Only for AP7822B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7850B (Only for AP7850B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7869B (Only for AP7869B)
Metered Rack PDU AP7899B (Only for AP7899B)
Metered Rack PDU ZeroU 2G (Only for AP8453, AP8830, AP8830J, AP8832, AP8832J, AP8853, AP8858EU3, AP8870)
Metered-by-Outlet Rack PDU 2G (Only for AP8441, AP8459EU3, AP8459NA3, AP8459WW, AP8461, AP8481)
Metered-by-Outlet with Switching Rack PDU ZeroU 2G (Only for AP8632, AP8659, AP8659EU3, AP8659NA3, AP8681)
Modular Toolless Blanking Panel (Only for AR8136BLK200)
NetBotz Rack Monitor 200 (Only for NBRK0201)
NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (Only for NBRK0250)
NetBotz Rack Monitor 550 (Only for NBRK0551)
NetBotz Rack Monitor 570 (Only for NBRK0570)
NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (Only for NBRK0750)
NetShelter (Only for AR8129)
NetShelter Custom Rack AP8000 (Only for AP8000)
NetShelter SX (Only for AR3003, AR3003SP, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106, AR3106SP, AR3357X674, AR3380G, AR7080G, AR7282AG, AR7301G, AR7303G, AR7511, AR7714, AR7731)
NetShelter SX Deep Roof (Only for AR7281AG)
NetShelter SX High Seismic Region Bolt-Down Kit (Only for AR7701A-S)
NetShelter SX3K Enclosure with Sides (Only for AR9300SP, AR9300SP-R, AR9307SP, AR9307SP-R)
NetShelter WX AR106SH4 (Only for AR106SH4)
NetShelter WX AR106SH6 (Only for AR106SH6)
NetShelter WX AR106V (Only for AR106V)
NetShelter WX AR106VI (Only for AR106VI)
NetShelter WX AR109SH4 (Only for AR109SH4)
NetShelter WX AR109SH6 (Only for AR109SH6)
NetShelter WX AR112SH4 (Only for AR112SH4)
NetShelter WX AR112SH6 (Only for AR112SH6)
NetShelter Zero U (Only for AR7711)
Rack Air Distribution Side Airflow Duct Kit (Only for AR7725)
Rack Air Removal Unit SX Ducting Kit (Only for ACF127)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4421 (Only for AP4421)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4422 (Only for AP4422)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4423 (Only for AP4423)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4424 (Only for AP4424)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4430 (Only for AP4430)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4431 (Only for AP4431)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4432 (Only for AP4432)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4433 (Only for AP4433)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4434 (Only for AP4434)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4450 (Only for AP4450)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4452 (Only for AP4452)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4452J (Only for AP4452J)
Rack Automatic Transfer Switch AP4453 (Only for AP4453)
Rack Fan Temperature Controller (Only for ACF601)
Service Bypass Panel (Only for SBP1500RM, SBP16KRMI4U, SBP16KRMP4U-HW, SBP3000RM2U, SBP3000RMI, SBP5000RMI2U, SBP5000RMT2U, SBP6KRMI2U, SBP6KRMT2U)
Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD RM (Only for SMT1500RM2UNC, SMT1500RMI2UNC)
Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM (Only for SMT2200RMI2UNC)
Smart-UPS 2200VA LCD RM 2U (Only for SMT2200RM2UNC)
Smart-UPS 3000 RM 2U LCD (Only for SMT3000RM2UNC)
Smart-UPS 3000VA (Only for SMT30002U-BR)
Smart-UPS 3000VA LCD RM (Only for SMT3000RMI2UNC)
Smart-UPS 750VA LCD RM (Only for SMT750RMI2UNC)
Smart-UPS C 1500VA 2U LCD (Only for SMC1500-2U)
Smart-UPS C 2000VA 2U (Only for SMC2000I2U-BR)
Smart-UPS X 750VA Tower/Rack (Only for SMX750INC, SMX750NC)
Step-Down Transformer (Only for APTF10KT01)
Switched Rack PDU (Only for AP7921B)
Switched Rack PDU 2G (Only for AP8931, AP8932, AP8962, AP8966, AP8967, AP8970)
Switched Rack PDU 2G Zero U (Only for AP8641, AP8653, AP8661, AP8930, AP8930J, AP8941, AP8953, AP8958, AP8958EU3, AP8958NA3, AP8959, AP8959EU3, AP8959NA3, AP8961, AP8965, AP8981)
Switched Rack PDU AP7900B (Only for AP7900B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7901B (Only for AP7901B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7902B (Only for AP7902B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7902BJ (Only for AP7902BJ)
Switched Rack PDU AP7911B (Only for AP7911B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7920B (Only for AP7920B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7922B (Only for AP7922B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7968B (Only for AP7968B)
Switched Rack PDU AP7998B (Only for AP7998B)
Switched Rack PDU Zero U (Only for AP7950B)


Room Monitor 455 (Only for NBWL0455A)
APC A-Link sensor monitors temperature and humidity in your data center or network closet. Display provides visual reporting of temperature levels.
Product Type Temperature & humidity sensor
Width 4.3 cm
Depth 2.8 cm
Height 9.9 cm
Weight 0.91 kg
Colour Black
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 0 °C
Max Operating Temperature 45 °C
Compatibility Information
Designed For P/N: ACAC40000, ACAC40001, ACF601, AP4421, AP4422, AP4423, AP4424, AP4430, AP4431, AP4432, AP4433, AP4434, AP4450, AP4452, AP4452J, AP4453, AP5717, AP5717CH, AP5717F, AP5717G, AP5717R, AP5717UK, AP5719, AP5808, AP5816, AP6002A, AP6003A, AP6007A, AP6009A, AP6015A, AP6020A, AP6031A, AP6032A, AP6037A, AP6038A, AP6039A, AP6120A, AP6201CH, AP6221CH, AP7152B, AP7155B, AP7175B, AP7557NA, AP7567A, AP7750A, AP7800B, AP7801B, AP7802B, AP7802BJ, AP7811B, AP7820B, AP7821B, AP7822B, AP7850B, AP7869B, AP7899B, AP7900B, AP7901B, AP7902B, AP7902BJ, AP7911B, AP7920B, AP7921B, AP7922B, AP7950B, AP7968B, AP7998B, AP8000, AP8441, AP8453, AP8459EU3, AP8459NA3, AP8459WW, AP8461, AP8481, AP8632, AP8641, AP8653, AP8659, AP8659EU3, AP8659NA3, AP8661, AP8681, AP8830, AP8830J, AP8831, AP8832, AP8832J, AP8833J, AP8841, AP8853, AP8858, AP8858EU3, AP8858NA3, AP8861, AP8862, AP8863, AP8865, AP8866, AP8867, AP8868, AP8870, AP8881, AP8886, AP8887, AP8888, AP8930, AP8930J, AP8931, AP8932, AP8941, AP8953, AP8958, AP8958EU3, AP8958NA3, AP8959, AP8959EU3, AP8959NA3, AP8961, AP8962, AP8965, AP8966, AP8967, AP8970, AP8981, AP9571A, APF8000, AR106SH4, AR106SH6, AR106V, AR106VI, AR109SH4, AR109SH6, AR112SH4, AR112SH6, AR3003, AR3003SP, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106, AR3106SP, AR3357X674, AR3380G, AR7080G, AR7281AG, AR7282AG, AR7301G, AR7301W, AR7303G, AR7305A, AR7313, AR7511, AR7540, AR7540100, AR7580A, AR7581A, AR7582A, AR7701A-S, AR7710, AR7711, AR7714, AR7715, AR7719, AR7725, AR7731, AR8100, AR8186, AR8395, AR8443A, AR8444, AR8600A, AR8602A, AR8603A, AR8605, AR8606, AR8612, AR8621, AR8654, AR9300SP, AR9300SP-R, AR9307SP, AR9307SP-R, KVM0108A, KVM0116A, KVM1116R, KVM-BN001, KVM-LCDMOUNT, NBRK0201, NBRK0250, NBRK0551, NBRK0570, NBRK0750, NBWL0455A, SBP1500RM, SBP3000RMI, SMC1500-2U, SMC2000I2U-BR, SMT1500RM2UNC, SMT1500RMI2UNC, SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT2200RMI2UNC, SMT30002U-BR, SMT3000RM2UNC, SMT3000RMI2UNC, SMT750RMI2UNC, SMX750INC, SMX750NC
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