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Fujitsu - Disk drive1

Fujitsu - Disk drive

Manufacturer: Fujitsu

Product group:

Manuf.No.: S26361-F3418-L510

Art.No.: S5777365

DVD-ROM, Serial ATA, internal, 5.25", for Celsius M7010, M770, R970, W550, W570, W580; ESPRIMO P556, P558, P956, P956/E94, P957

Price: 66,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Celsius M470, Celsius M7010power, Celsius M7010Xpower, Celsius M770powerx, Celsius M770x, Celsius R570, Celsius R670, Celsius R940 POWER, Celsius R970, Celsius R970B, Celsius R970Bpower, Celsius R970power, Celsius W370, Celsius W370 E80+, Celsius W370 E85+, Celsius W370 E-Star 4.0, Celsius W370 E-Star 5.0, Celsius W370 proGREEN selection, Celsius W380, Celsius W550, Celsius W550 POWER, Celsius W570, Celsius W570power, Celsius W570power+, Celsius W580, Celsius W580power, Celsius W580power+, ESPRIMO E3520, ESPRIMO E3520 E85+, ESPRIMO E3520 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E400 E85+, ESPRIMO E5635, ESPRIMO E5635 E85+, ESPRIMO E5635 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E5730, ESPRIMO E5730 E80+, ESPRIMO E5730 E85+, ESPRIMO E5730 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO E5730 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E7935, ESPRIMO E7935 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E7935 E80+, ESPRIMO E7935 E85+, ESPRIMO E7935 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO E7935 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E7936, ESPRIMO E9900, ESPRIMO P2430, ESPRIMO P2440, ESPRIMO P2530, ESPRIMO P2540, ESPRIMO P2550, ESPRIMO P3520, ESPRIMO P3520 E85+, ESPRIMO P3520 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P556 E85+, ESPRIMO P556 E90+, ESPRIMO P556/2/E85+, ESPRIMO P558, ESPRIMO P5625-2, ESPRIMO P5635, ESPRIMO P5635 E85+, ESPRIMO P5635 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P5730, ESPRIMO P5730 E80+, ESPRIMO P5730 E85+, ESPRIMO P5730 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO P5730 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P710 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E85+, ESPRIMO P756 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E94+, ESPRIMO P7935, ESPRIMO P7935 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P7935 E80+, ESPRIMO P7935 E85+, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0 proGREEN, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 4.0 proGREEN Selection, ESPRIMO P7935 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P7936, ESPRIMO P910 E90+, ESPRIMO P956 E90+, ESPRIMO P956/E94+, ESPRIMO P957/power, ESPRIMO P9900, PRIMERGY MX130 S2
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Device Type DVD-ROM drive - internal
Interface Serial ATA
Optical Storage
Type DVD-ROM - 5.25"
Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces 1 x Serial ATA-150 - 7 pin Serial ATA
Compatible Bay 1 x 5.25" - front accessible
Compatibility Information
Designed For Fujitsu Celsius M470, M7010power, M7010Xpower, M770powerx, M770x, R570, R670, R940 POWER, R970, R970B, R970Bpower, R970power, W370, W370 E80+, W370 E85+, W370 E-Star 4.0, W370 E-Star 5.0, W370 proGREEN selection, W380, W550, W550 POWER, W570, W570power, W570power+, W580, W580power, W580power+
Fujitsu ESPRIMO E3520, E3520 E85+, E3520 E-Star 5.0, E400 E85+, E5635, E5635 E85+, E5635 E-Star 5.0, E5730, E5730 E80+, E5730 E85+, E5730 E-Star 4.0, E5730 E-Star 5.0, E7935, E7935 0-Watt, E7935 E80+, E7935 E85+, E7935 E-Star 4.0, E7935 E-Star 5.0, E7936, E9900, P2430, P2440, P2530, P2540, P2550, P3520, P3520 E85+, P3520 E-Star 5.0, P556 E85+, P556 E90+, P556/2/E85+, P558, P5625-2, P5635, P5635 E85+, P5635 E-Star 5.0, P5730, P5730 E80+, P5730 E85+, P5730 E-Star 4.0, P5730 E-Star 5.0, P710 E90+, P756 E85+, P756 E90+, P756 E94+, P7935, P7935 0-Watt, P7935 E80+, P7935 E85+, P7935 E-Star 4.0, P7935 E-Star 5.0, P7936, P910 E90+, P956 E90+, P956/E94+, P957/power, P9900
Fujitsu PRIMERGY MX130 S2
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